To paraphrase Shakespeare, there are more mysteries than we can  begin to dream or imagine. 


1.  things are not so mysterious after all. 

2.  the information we have been seeking has been there before us since man could record words. 

3.   we should take some things literally.   

4.  some of these mysteries are explained in this 312,495 word novel.


The Father’s Daughter  is the  1st in the series In the Shadow of the Throne 

and this story is about her. She goes by many names:  Wisdom, Jerusalem, Jeri, Mary of Magedla.    


---A brief preview---

Hatred had been set loose in Heaven.  There was turbulence and unrest through out the universe.  The rebellion, all knew, was fast approaching.  God’s secret council, the Spirit of the Lord, Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Strength, Knowledge and Fear of the Lord had met at their favorite gathering place, The Diner located on the Corona of Paradise and came up with a plan. 

Those present knew that the living spirit that God had created could not be destroyed…but, it could be contained in a human body.  And at the final resurrection…well, spirit and human would be fused and then each could be rewarded accordingly.

But how do you hook Satan, who is the mother of all liars?  

By using a sweet, simple, trusting, spirit.  Very attractive bait to one who believes that she could be god...or should be god…or can you hear her screaming even now “I am god!”   God’s daughter, Wisdom,  volunteers to be the worm on the hook and her spirit is born into a human body and into a rich man’s family.

Her human father treasures money more than a daughter’s love and he sells her into slavery. Enduring the savergy while she is a  slave is not what helps to define this spirit.  It is when she sees her beloved, beaten beyond recognition, his beard ripped from his face and staked to a cross…this is the image she carries with her after her death as the human Marta of Magdala and crosses from life back over into her Father’s arms.  What Satan did to him she would never forget or forgive.  She was still the sweet, simple, trusting, spirit Wisdom.      And now she was something more…much more…deadly.

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