Spirits come in colors.

God the Father and the Holy Spirit have three sons. That is right, count them, three.  Each come with their individual color aura.





God, the Father and the Holy Spirit have three sons. (That is right, count them, three.)    Judah, is the oldest.  When he wore a body was Moses.   Jesse, the middle son, who would one day become the Eternal Son.  And Paul, who would be known as Saul of Tarsus and the Paul the evangelist.  These three are major players in the founding of earth and appear in this novel.


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Judah is  the oldest son of God the Father and God the Holy spirit. He walked the earth as Moses.






Jesse...he was a frequent visitor to Earth.  This planet became his home for thirty some odd years when he was Jesus.  






Paul is their youngest son and when he is not busy being a lawyer, he plays a pretty good game of golf. He was Saul of Tarsus and after encountering Jesus on the road to Damascus, his name was changed to Paul.