El Ojo de Dios

The Eye of God


In the beginning there was The Father, the Holy Spirit, and their three sons, Judah, Jesse and Paul.



 I am Wisdom,   The Father's,  daughter.  I am a created being. My Father God  spoke me into existence.   In the realm and outskirts of Heaven, I go by many names. Daughter, Wisdom, Jerusalem, Jeri.

     Most of my existence, I have spent as pure spirit singing and dancing before my Father’s throne. With Him, I am at my very best and He inspires me to create! To build! To write!

     For a blink of an eye, I spent time on Earth. There my name was daughter, Miriam, Marta, and perhaps I was best known as Mary of Magdala.

     Human…an interesting experience. There is great joy and great pain. There is wonder and mystery. There is life and death. There is good and evil.

 As human, on Earth, I saw my Father’s goodness everywhere. Evil dwells and thrives there, as well.

     My dream is to live on the resurrected Earth with my friends and my family. But before this can happen, there are specific things that must occur.  I keep a journal. Into this missive I sketch out my ideas and those of others.  

     I do not claim to be an artist or a writer. I am however, my Father’s daughter and with love, I began my journal.  This is my story that follows. I have divided it into three sections:

First: In The Beginning.

Second: My Time on Earth.

Third: Applying Lessons Learned.

     If you do not wish to read about how the rebellion started in Heaven and Earth became a tragic hero, I suggest you start with my earthly appearance when I was five. That was the first time I met Jesus and I became engaged to Saul of Tarsus. This telling begins with Chapter 25. At this point, forward, you will read about my life, Jesus’ death and the years that weighed so heavily on me after Jesus returned home. 



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                                        Chapter One     


     There was comforting darkness in what The Family of God  called The Void. It was different from the streams of energy, the fire that cascaded around them, wherever they went. As long as they were in The Void, the light was not allowed. All senses were dampened and all rules were obeyed...well sometimes.  After all, God had three sons and boys will be boys and they were playing golf. 

     They all brought their A game when it was time to tee off.

     “Did anyone see where my ball went?” The voice belonged to a young adult, male, their oldest son, Judah.  His voice was to the right and up in the blackness.

     “I believe, son,” came the father’s response to his oldest offspring, “that you hit it over by the Alpha Omega quadrant.”

     “Paul,” continued Judah, his voice not as musical in timbre as his father's, but it was clear and distinctive and full of purpose. “Baby brother, your turn to tee off.”

     The youngest son, Paul, stepped up to what would have been a golf green and said in disgust, “What is that smell?”

     There was laughter, a different young man's voice sounded from an area left and over of Paul. It was the middle son, Jesse, who had now taken his youngest brother, and perhaps the best golfer of the five of them, off his game.  “Who forgot to clean up after the dog?”

     “Dog?” A very feminine voice sounded directly behind Paul. “We don't have a dog.”

     There was more laughter coming from the darkness as the two older siblings continued to tease their younger brother.

     “Tell me again,” Father's deep voice said into her ear, “why did we decide we wanted boys?”

     The sweet, abiding, Holy Spirit was laughing at the antics of her oldest Judah and her middle son Jesse. Turning to face her soul mate, her eyes captured his essence, there in the darkness that was not dark for her. Taking his hand, her love for him flowed out, sharing with him the preponderance of the overwhelming reasons for these three.

     To have her indwell within his soul, was bliss.  “Do you think it is time?” He asked.

     “Yes,” she replied, the lurking, ever-present smile radiating throughout her. “We would hate to wake some morning and slip into our shoes to find that waiting for us.”

     Father stopped to think about that.  Hmmmm…would Jesse urge his brothers into putting dog poo in their shoes…well maybe.  The middle child was always the over achiever!

     Chuckling he got out, “They wouldn't dare!”

     “They dare much,” his dearest, Holy Spirit whispered, her words caressing him.

     In all of his glory, he savored each aspect of her. Her thought that became her voice over powered him. Everything about her intensified the fire that burned in him for her! That raging inferno was always out of control! His beloved was the part of him that brought him joy and contentment and desire and love. He banked the flames and let himself drift along on her words.

     “They are, after all, their father's sons.”